Photography and Your Holiday

KierfioldSteve is an experienced photographer and he will be pleased to try and pass on some of his expertise. Most of the photographs on this web site (except otherwise credited) have been taken by Steve or his wife Sarah.

Orkney is a wonderful place for photography as the light is long, or low, or both, and the shifting skies (they’re huge!) and seas mean that no view remains the same for more than a few seconds.

YesnabySteve is into B&W and landscapes, as well as wildlife, but whatever your preference we can help. After many years experience, our enthusiasm for photography and the Orcadian light remains undimmed….why not give us a try?

Even if you don’t want to focus on photography as a holiday – don’t forget to bring your camera!


Steve currently use Canon EOS 5D Mk III cameras with a variety of lenses; a Panasonic Lumix FZ48; and his Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone, which has a superb Leica lens included!

Photo gallery October 2006 photo course week.

Gallery of pictures that we exhibited on Orkney in October 2007.

Photo gallery October 2008 photo course week.

Photo gallery 2010 photo course week.

Photo gallery 2018 Northern Isles photo-tour

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