Relaxed tailor-made wildlife and culture holidays for small groups. Main 2020 Orkney Tour dates are now available: for short-break enquiries please click here.

I’m often asked how to sum up an Orcadian Wildlife Tour? These 4 pictures might help, or see below.

Puffins always feature: our best-loved bird! Pic Sarah SankeyA typical group enjoying the Old Man of HoySkara Brae is one of Europe's finest stone-age villages and is just over 5,000 years old At the Gannetry on Noup Head, Westray


From above left: Orkney’s best-loved bird, the puffin, always feature in our itineraries; a typical group enjoying the Old Man of Hoy; Skara Brae and other 5,000 year-old Neolithic sites are a must; and finally gannets at Noup Head gannetry on Westray.

2020 programmed tours are now available, with extremely limited availability in the week 2-9 May 2020, otherwise all tours are full. Private short-break tours for small groups may be available on request, please enquire here.

Sea eagle on South Ronaldsay - picture courtesy www.tomboftheeagles.co.ukA pair of white-tailed (sea) eagles has attempted to nest on the island of Hoy since 2015. Hoy always features in our itineraries and there is always a good chance of seeing the birds. I’m delighted to report that 2 chicks fledged successfully in 2018. The pair started the 2019 season with another 2 chicks but sadly the smaller one died in the poor weather of early June. The remaining chick is doing well, and is being reared this season in a highly visible eyrie! For information on Orkney’s sea eagles please click here.

Steve Sankey with his Electric car pic orkney photographic

For a self-catering holiday for couples at the Peedie House, part of Gerraquoy Organic Farm, please click here for details.




Steve has completed a ‘World Host’ customer-service training course, in order to maintain both Orcadian Wildlife’s and the Peedie House self-catering’s highest standards of customer care. 



rdTopLaurel_LL_TMOur 2020 schedule (17th season of operation) is now available and includes other tours as listed below. Small group size is one of our strengths, typically in 2019 in Orkney up to 6 persons only (7 max).  To view our schedule please click here. Please look at our testimonials (also to the right of the page) or check out our Trip Advisor page – we offer relaxed, tailor-made wildlife and activity holidays for small groups of people. Prices are all-inclusive of accommodation, transport within Orkney (or elsewhere), meals and guiding, and may be found on the ‘Wildlife Tours Availability‘ tab.

There is an ‘Early Bird’ Special Offer at £1,475 per person (not applicable to single persons) if a 2020 tour to Orkney is booked before 31 December 2019.

2020 tours in Orkney are as follows:

25 April – 1 May 2020: Shetland Wildlife ‘Ultimate Orkney’ Tour ONLY ONE PLACE REMAINING please enquire for details.

2 – 9 May 2020: Orkney Wildlife & Archaeology Tour: final 2 places only available (accommodation @ Sands Hotel).

9 – 16  May 2020: Orkney Wildlife & Archaeology Tour: (accommodation @ Sands Hotel). This tour is now FULL.

16 – 23 May 2020: Orkney Wildlife & Archaeology Tour: (accommodation @ Sands Hotel). This tour is now FULL. 

23 – 30 May 2020: Orkney Wildlife & Archaeology Tour: (accommodation @ Merkister Hotel). This tour is now FULL.

1 – 13 July 2020: Private tour of the Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney): This tour is now FULL.

2020 tours outwith Orkney will include:

17 – 24 June 2020: Romania (Transylvania, Carpathian Mountains & Danube Delta) – This tour is now FULL.

13 October – 7 November 2020: The Falkland Islands ‘Beachmaster Tour’ (our 3rd visit) – This tour is now FULL.

Over the last decade an exciting archaeological dig has been taking place at the Ness of Brodgar in West Mainland, in the Heart of Neolithic Orkney. This site has been the subject of a TV documentary by Neil Oliver, and has contributed much to our knowledge of the Neolithic peoples and their lifestyle. If you wish to learn more, read this excellent piece done by Roff Smith for the National Geographic – for visual click here; for the feature article click here.

Steve on Hoy

What makes a holiday in Orkney with Orcadian Wildlife different?

We like to pride ourselves on no two days ever being the same. Orkney’s shifting skies and seas help, as does the weather – frequently all four seasons in one day. So it’s best to bring your waterproof jacket and trousers, and your boots.

Wildlife doesn’t stop for the weather and neither do we (unless with your agreement!).Wildlife, walking, photography and of course Orkney’s superb 5,000 year old Neolithic (new stone age) sites always feature in our itineraries. 

Orkney is one of the best places in Britain to get close to and enjoy seabirds, birds of prey and whales & dolphins (cetaceans).
  • We keep groups small (typically 6 guests only) on purpose in order to enable you to see more – you will see lots of memorable sights with us, whatever the time of year. We specialise in a blend of wildlife and culture.
  • We listen to you carefully about exactly what you’d like to see and where you would like to go – there are no sites on set days. Visiting islands is included and great fun!
  • We actually live here (unlike most tour groups who visit) and so we know more about daily life in Orkney.
  • Our holidays are all-inclusive, so that all you have to do is get here, and we do all the rest.
  • We’re proud of our approach to the environment: a very small group; an organic lifestyle; Green Tourism Business Scheme gold award for our self-catering; and a generator of renewable energy to help offset your carbon footprint.
  • We encourage repeat visits (Orkney gets a grip of you…) and returning guests benefit from large discounts.
  • Last – but most important – we really look after you! See the many testimonials on our website from our guests who have appreciated our relaxed style over the last 17 years.

There is always something special to see at any time of the year, from sky dancing hen harriers, to hunting orcas, and migrant birds.

Download the 2019 Orkney Tourist Brochure 

Download our Orcadian Wildlife Tours Leaflet

Please visit the Orcadian Wildlife Facebook page for up-to-the-minute sightings and other current Orkney daily blog-type content: http://facebook.com/orcadianwildlife – this site also contains a photo-documentary account of a 14 mile walk along the Atlantic seaboard of Orkney undertaken in April 2015. Have a look at our stunning scenery and wildlife!

See some short videos of seabirds by clicking on this You Tube link:


And you can access lots of useful general information about Orkney by clicking on the following link: Orkney.com

Self Catering Holiday

If self-catering is more your style we’re delighted to announce that that our Peedie House self-catering was given a GOLD Green Tourism Business Scheme award, a reward for all our hard work! In addition, the Peedie House was shortlisted for the Green Tourism Business Scheme Goldstar Awards in 2012 and 2014. The shortlist is compiled from the highest scoring Gold graded businesses from 2011 and 2013 representing the greenest 2% of the total 2,400 GTBS membership. See our Self Catering Holidays pages for more information.

Please note that bookings for 2020 are now being taken.

Please book or enquire through the ‘self-catering’ section.

For a flavour of what Orkney has to offer the holidaymaker have a look at our Orkney Photo Album


Orcadian Wildlife uses Swarovski equipment including this ATX65 scope.
Orcadian Wildlife uses Swarovski equipment including this ATX 65 scope.