Cetaceans in Orkney

Orkney is one of the best places to see whales & dolphins in the UK, and over the past 17 seasons we have recorded 12 species. Some are commoner than others, and as a result are easier to observe. Some are simply more difficult to see as they prefer to keep well offshore in deeper […]

The Falkland Islands: 25 October – 7 November 2020

Beachmaster Tour: 25 October – 7 November 2020 The Falkland Islands is an archipelago of some 750 islands lying at 52°S in the South Atlantic, some 350 miles NE of Tierra del Fuego. With a population of around 3,000 it is a self-governing independent Overseas Territory of the UK. It is an island paradise, where […]

Wildlife to Enjoy

Whilst it is obviously not possible to guarantee wildlife sightings we do guarantee that you will witness memorable lifetime sightings of our beautiful Orcadian Wildlife. Early guests in April and May will watch slavonian grebe, long-tailed duck, scaup and great-northern divers, all close up and breath-taking in their summer plumage. Lapwings, curlews, snipe and redshank […]

Wildlife Tours

A typical week’s tour might comprise: Two or three days spent exploring Orkney mainland and our own island of South Ronaldsay. One or two days spent on other islands typically Hoy, Shapinsay or Westray if timetables and weather permit. A free day in Kirkwall for shopping and sightseeing (cathedral, distillery, shops, museums); or perhaps a free day spent exploring locally, just pottering on […]

  2021 TOURS: TO ORKNEY AND BEYOND Relaxed tailor-made wildlife and culture holidays for small groups. 2021 Orkney Tour dates are now AVAILABLE. Self-catering is CLOSED in 2020 owing to CV-19, but 2021 enquiries very welcome!  I’m often asked how to sum up an Orcadian Wildlife Tour. Here’s a summary, as used for the Digital […]